Internship Information

Obtaining Working Papers

Complete this form for the working papers.

You will need:

NOTE: You will receive a letter and a scanned copy of your document until such a time arrives that we can mail or physically hand the card to you.

Internship I9 Verification

I9 Verification is used to confirm that a person can safely (health), legally work, and be paid!

  1. Step ONE - Email a signed completed I9 Page 1 to Dr. Mastrandrea

  2. Step TWO - Gather the required documents for verification (Usually Social Security Card, School ID, and Working Papers) [See Full List]

  3. Step THREE - Contact Dr. Mastrandrea to schedule your appointment.

    • NOTE: Please do NOT email Dr. Mastrandrea your gathered documentation, ONLY the signed I9 Page 1 must be sent.

Internship Application

Reminder: You must have a resume, working papers, and qualify to be I9 Verified to generally participate in a paid internship. Please email Mr. Mastrandrea with any of your concerns.

Internship Application Portal:

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