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Copy of Sept 2020 Parent Meeting

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Delayed Opening Update + Scheduling Conflict Guidance

Dear STEAM Center scholars and family members,

Following yesterday’s announcement by the Mayor, Chancellor, and our Union Leaders about the delayed opening of in person instruction for NYC Public School students, I wanted to ensure that you received an update from us here at the STEAM Center.

In person learning for NYC Public high school students will be delayed to October 1st, 2020. All scholars will continue to engage remotely with their instructors today and in the upcoming weeks leading up to October 1st.

I can empathize with any disappointment or challenges that this delay may cause for you or your family, but as a system, the safety, well-being, and high quality learning experiences for every single scholar is our utmost priority, and this staggered start will allow us to ensure of that. In the meanwhile, the STEAM Center and our Partner Schools will continue to provide the best remote learning orientation and instruction for our young people, as we continue to make the transition to in person learning.

Lastly, we are aware of some of the scheduling conflicts between the academic courses that our scholars are programmed for at our Partner Schools, and their In-person or remote session times at the STEAM Center. We have been inundated with emails about these conflicts and do ask for your cooperation in completing the form in the link below. We want to ensure that we do not miss any messages that either you, our instructors, or home schools have submitted on your behalf, and to do a better job at streamlining this process. So please, even if you have already shared your conflict request with us or someone else, we ask that you complete the form below, so that we can ensure that all scheduling conflicts are resolved.

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Kindest Regards,

Kayon Pryce,
Founding Principal

COVID-19 Updates

Following Mayor Di Blasio and Chancellor Carranza's commitment to the reopening of NYC Public School's for Fall 2020, the Brooklyn STEAM Center will be adjusting our programming to meet the guidelines provided by the NYC Department of Education and to adhere to CDC guidelines. All scholars and family members are encouraged to check their email's regularly for the latest updates on the STEAM Center program and for class schedules. As a reminder, our first day of in person classes for STEAM Scholars will be Thursday, October 1st, 2020. We will begin orientations along with our 8 partner schools on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020, and will continue to engage with our learners remotely each school day leading up to October 1st and beyond.

Our administrative team will be back in our school building beginning Monday, August 31, 2020 from 7:30am - 3:30pm. Please feel free to call us within those times at 347-464-3680 with any questions or concerns, or send us an email at

For more information on the New York City Department of Education's policies on Return to School 2020, please visit the links below:

The Brooklyn STEAM Center has taken a number of steps to help limit the potential spread of COVID-19. For more information on these steps, please visit our COVID-19 page by clicking here.

Updated: September 17, 2020
STEAM Reopening Updates + New Proposed Schedule (1).pdf

STEAM Schedule Fall 2020

In an effort to accommodate the varying schedules of our 8 partner schools and to limit the number of students who attend the STEAM center in person on any given day, we have had to adjust our daily program. During the Fall of 2020, all STEAM scholars will:

  • Have the option to participate in STEAM center programming remotely or in person

  • Engage in high quality project/challenge based learning activities daily, that is aligned to academic, industry and professional standards

  • Be programmed for classes in mixed grade levels (11th and 12th grade together)

  • Daily opportunities to engage with STEAM instructors up to 3x per day, regardless of blended vs remote learning preference

  • Have access to tools and materials that can be picked up and used for projects at home

  • Virtually and physically network with business professionals, and gain insights and feedback from our industry partners

  • Participate in paid and unpaid Work Based Learning (WBL) activities


The Brooklyn STEAM Center delivers innovative, industry-informed experiences which empower students to take charge of their futures, and creates a diverse, skilled talent pipeline for the technology and manufacturing industries.

The Brooklyn STEAM Center is more than tracking students into industrial and manufacturing jobs.

Innovative approach to career and technical education.

Inclusive opportunity for underrepresented students to excel outside of the traditional classroom.

Real-world environment and hands-on industry exposure giving students real-world skills.

Empowering students to experience different paths and determine their own future.

STEAM High School in Brooklyn, NY.

STEAM High School in Brooklyn, NY.

STEAM High School in Brooklyn, NY.