Michael Prayor, Superintendent 

Districts: 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, and 22

It is a privilege to provide oversight of the “Brooklyn Steam Center.” I am excited about the future for our students. The NYC Brooklyn STEAM Center will play a vital role in this new endeavor which is designed to socially integrate lower and higher socioeconomic students while decreasing skill gaps and increasing employment skills. Research clearly demonstrates that increased engagement in career and technical education programs directly result in increased academic motivation, academic engagement, grades, career self-efficacy, college aspirations and, most importantly, self-confidence. With the continued support of the CTE office, Brooklyn Navy Yard, I am committed to ensuring that our school leaders, along with their students, teachers, parents and communities are provided with the required support to ensure maximum success.


Please click here to read more about the Brooklyn STEAM Center at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.